Wisdom Writings~~Ushering in a New Reality Makes the Top 10 on the Billboard Charts

Often the message for all can be filled with love, joy and many blessings.  As you continue sharing the writings, we urge the speaking as well.  Allow the voicing of the Magical Kingdom Life to spread across all walks and paths that you enter.  Be not afraid to speak the Magical Kingdom Life to those that may not even be aware that life is heading in that direction.  ‘Tis okay for many not to agree.  Just start speaking and then witness the emergence of more life than you have ever seen.

The glorious nature of life still has many dimensions to express and expand into.  We again urge the letting go of knowing a certain reality for allowing in a new reality.  This is  the current “hit” for the day.   For much like pop music or pop culture, there are trends and the trend for bringing in a new reality is on the top 10 of the billboard charts.  So play that funky music right now and dance, dance, dance!

You will be pleased with the world that can come when ushered in with love, joy, beauty and a whole lotta fun.  Now is the time for the fun, for the joy, for the love.  Now is not the time to wait or expect any type of result or shift.  Just be love.  Be joy.  Be fun in the face of all that is not.  ‘Tis the practice; much like when you go to the gym where the practice is sit-ups, reps, and move.  Now train the mind and feelings as you have trained your body.

‘Tis easier when the heart feels full of love.   The advent of these loving calls and communities will become the flagship for this Magical Kingdom Life.*

Now is the time dear one.  Now is the day.

Speak your voice.

Speak your heart.

Speak your love.

*janet’s note:  This message has a distinctly different tone of action.  I usually transcribe these writings immediately to post.  I waited overnight before I had the courage to transcribe it.  I have “felt” like it time to “do” something in giving voice to the Magical Kingdom Life.  Is this a class?  a conference call?  an event?  This message now puts the ball in my court!!

The Magical Kingdom Life is a life surrounded in beauty where everything is for the pleasure of our bodies and the satisfaction of our soul.  Interacting and seeing life this way creates a new experience and reality for day to day living.

Thank you for listening and reading this blog 🙂

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1 Response to Wisdom Writings~~Ushering in a New Reality Makes the Top 10 on the Billboard Charts

  1. heartlightdg says:

    I am feeling that what they are saying is to speak your truth at all times and not necessarily for you to hold a conference or seminar. In other words, let the world see who you really are in every moment of every day. No more editing yourself out of fear of what “they” may say or think. Your soul glows, let it shine forth. We don’t always know who we touch or how our words or self influences another but touch it does, and it spreads outward from there. Be true to yourself, and dance if it feels right.


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