Wisdom Writings~~Finding Joy While Talking to Your Mother

We love the use of your imagination.  The brilliance of creativity is overflowing and waiting to come through.   As you go into your day, allow the greatest “imagining” to be in full-size, full-color and full-sound.  It will bring a great pleasure to your body and being.  See if you can increase the time you can just “stay” in your imagining until the logical mind takes over.

Increasing the time of pleasure and joy is truly a great practice,  and can bring deep change to your physical body and mind, as well as energetic change to what is yet to be.

Engage in joyous time everyday, and it can be done with the simple and mundane.   Finding joy in doing dishes, paying bills or talking to your mother can truly be that which transforms your world and the world.  Imagine if nothing could take away your joy.  Nothing.  It seems like that is truly not realistic because of  “real” human emotion.  Indeed emotion is a unique gift to you;  yet we say the “flighty”* changes of an emotion is not the way it has to be.  For you can bring a great shift in emotion.  The emotion carries a great energy wave and pattern that sets up the pathway to reality.  Play with your joy.  Play with your emotions.

Deepen your connection to the source of love that is always there, always you and always flowing.  We thank you as the love of your heart and being opens, expands and flows fully.

Today is your day.  Sing, dance, be joyous and love…………..amen

*janet’s note-  The original word used was “windy” and the visual was the way leaves just blow every which way in the wind, indicating that our emotions shift at the whim of external events.  This is proposing that emotions are a gift to us and practicing joy instead of letting random events determine our emotion is a source of transforming our lives and our world.  Simple, yes, but not always easy 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read Wisdom Writings today!

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