Wisdom Writings~~The Dream Seeds Within Us

Being with the “nothing”, with the “void”,  is part of the training into mastery.  In “nothing” is everything and from whence it all came.  If the practice of being in the nothing calls to you,  practice it and watch the expansion of life, love and energy within.

Pleasing and pleasure are the two ideas that can bring different lives.  For focusing on pleasing is the source of great suffering and often can leave the soul parched for fulfillment and satisfaction.  Yet attending to pleasure–feeling it, giving it, receiving it and embodying it can  elevate the satisfaction of the soul; therefore, the many areas of life that have yet to even emerge can finally feel the breath of life enlivening them into fruition.

The experience of life being exquisite, sumptuous, exalting and rich for ALL is one that has yet to be believed, realized or for some even considered as a possible life.  Now, hold onto that dream and continue to breathe it with joy and love giving it the gift of life for a true reality in the world.  Imagine the most precious of all worlds (yours) and the brilliance of all hearts’ desires filling that world.   Truly we see that world.  We know that dream seed is planted within many of you.  Now grow it, nurture it, enrich it with your love.  Just like the sun and rain can grow beautiful flowers, allow your love, joy and pleasure to grow beautiful dreams.

With love for ALL………..amen.

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