Wisdom Writings~~Crossing the Chasm from Angst to Joy

The vibrancy of a bouquet of flowers can fill the mind with a visual image that can transcend fear, stress and worry.  Allowing the mind to go to pleasure, joy, love in place of worry, fear or angst can be the greatest chasm to cross in life.  That chasm has no real void to drop into and indeed is much less than life threatening; however, it is the greatest leap one could ever make.

So in this day, take the leap, scale the rocks, and let go as you allow the mind to go to pleasure, joy, and love in one moment, one second,  perhaps one minute in place of the fear, worry or angst of a normal day.  In that momentous moment, millions of changes beyond what anyone could ever see or realize bring forth a reality that is truly desired by the heart and soul.

In this day is that moment for you.  Take that moment.  Feel the joy, feel the love, feel the pleasure and then just breathe.  No bones will break,  no flying needed,  just the willingness to open, open, open and enjoy!

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