Wisdom Writings~~One Week of Relishing Life

Abundance is a word so many use yet the experience is often “not” for so many.  The abundance of your world surrounds you;  yet you see it not.  For in the tiniest of nature is an abundant swell of beauty, connection and growth.

Look out in your horizon and see the abundant view of blue skies and air for all to breathe.  Oh the focus on the plenitude is our message to many today.  Enjoy the plenitude of your life and celebrate it.  Bring the joyous dance of thankfulness deep into your body.  Down, down, down to the toes and then dance with glee for the abundant life that is given you everyday.

Just for one week to relish in this feeling would bring a rare moment of ease to the lives of many.  Allow life to be one that is filled with the appreciation of the plenitude that is you, surrounding you and given to you.

Be at peace with life as it is today and at any moment reach for the connection of love.   For the web of love is the greatest net of light that will allow for the miraculous; the Magical Kingdom Life that is truly already there and awaiting you to call it forth.

Be at peace today.  Feel love and dance your dance of goodness in life………..amen.

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