Wisdom Writings~~Is there a Dam to My Flood of Goodness?

Oh Dear One, we hear your prayers and wishes.   We wish to deliver your heart’s desire and now ask you to open to receiving all the good that you wish for.

In that goodness,  would your view of life change and in that receiving of goodness the heart can expand to a greater capacity.  Yet others at times can receive and then the great fear of loss and worry will set in.  Now the time is for you to keep your heart open, full of love and receiving beauty,  joy and pleasure however or wherever it comes.

The openness is important at this time.  Leading those into an open-hearted place can bring a greater container for the goodness to flow.  Your goodness is always a river flowing.  Is your goodness dammed up or are you fully, fully open for a flood of goodness with that open heart?  Indeed loss of control, identity and all things known come with the flood of goodness.   Do not beseech yourself to discover or reclaim those parts of “self” lost,  for they are the building blocks of the dam.

Be at one with the day.  Enjoy each glorious moment, each second of joy, each minute of pleasure.  Indeed the grateful heart is truly an artistic masterpiece of creation, so go now and create yours……………..amen*

*janet’s note:  Before I started writing, I asked for any message for a friend of mine in case he was open……..here is an omitted sentence from today’s Wisdom Writing  “We’ll write a message for Dan if  he is open.  We can offer much wisdom if the desire is there.”

I can make no promises, but if other readers would like specific guidance or wisdom from the Wisdom Writings, please let me know.  I would love to open myself up to greater wisdom coming through.  I tried to omit the sentence above, but was “told”  to include it!

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