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Which Facet are You?

As you write and open to a message that flows so freely from you,  turn to the visual imagery that powerfully flows thru you as well.  For the visual imagery can create great energy for many. For now the message … Continue reading

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Wisdom Writings~~The Most Beautiful Masterpiece ever Heard

Relinquish the desire for perfection in all of life,  for that focus disallows the seeing of the beauty and love in “non-perfection.”  For when you set your sites on perfection from your limited perspective,  the attention to all the faults … Continue reading

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Wisdom Writings~~Is there a Dam to My Flood of Goodness?

Oh Dear One, we hear your prayers and wishes.   We wish to deliver your heart’s desire and now ask you to open to receiving all the good that you wish for. In that goodness,  would your view of life … Continue reading

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