Which Facet are You?

As you write and open to a message that flows so freely from you,  turn to the visual imagery that powerfully flows thru you as well.  For the visual imagery can create great energy for many.

For now the message of light and color is the message for you.  Watch as the play of light on your art* creates new images, new energies, new feelings as does the light in you, and all facets are beautiful.  So as you go thru the dark, your colors are dark, sultry, and convoluted; yet still deep and beautiful.  Then your light grows, shimmers, fades and grows again.  All phases are beautiful.  All facets have a glorious message and energy.

Rejoice that your light shines in the light and in the dark; though not always visible to you, yet so iridescent to others.  Now begin to see the light that is you, always you.  Appreciate the darkness, the shimmer, the fade, and the brilliance.  For all aspects are you, are beautiful, and are a majestic masterpiece of the divine.

Be well and know that all is well.

janet’s note:  I just bought a new piece of art that is fascinating me right now.  It looks different at different times of the day with different lighting.  I see and feel different things from it all the time.  Thank you Caroline Pyevich for your beautiful artwork and the glorious energy it has brought to my home, my life and my soul.   http://www.artwanted.com/artist.cfm?ArtID=26433

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