Listening to the Voices in our Head?

Ours is a voice that you will always hear,  as the voice is you at another dimension.  Your wisdom is never to be doubted or pooh poohed.  It is the wisdom of your soul and is you and is with you at all times.

In this healing journey you are to embrace a new creativity, a new expression, a new yearning that again is “You” and always “You”.  Allow this deeper expression to give voice in your days, in your head and in your relationships.  This voice is deeper and feels like the voice that you have always known.  Trust the intuition and motions that go with this voice and allow the new formations of that which you call “You”.  Indeed shed the old skin much like a snake and feel fresh, dewy and alive.  Your colors will be your brilliance and allow them their fullest vibrancy.  You will be thrilled.  Go forth with a great momentum of love and sure-footedness as you now dance into a new light, a new life.  Enjoy this passageway.  Enjoy this journey.  Enjoy this “You”.

As the deepening of love seeps into your cells, you will be called.  Listen to the calling and take action toward the calling.  Each call is a piece of the journey and we say enjoy each step.  Enjoy meeting new faces and new places.  Enjoy the release of “mother”.  Enjoy the embrace of “woman” and enjoy the passage of a new dawn.

janet’s note:  I have been on a great healing journey since January.  In the past few months, I have done A LOT of body work, cleansing, meditation, etc.  As the healing progresses, I am finding that I don’t desire to “go back” to the way I was……and yet exploring the notion of who am I now…….this is the message that came through today.  

I share these as I feel many of you are going through your own version of this journey as well.  Your “healing” may be with money, relationships, body or some combined version of all it.  I am being “called” to experience a new way to love which involves being more fully in my body.  I’ve always been good at visualizing or imagining love inside of me and around me…….but feeling it, truly feeling it viscerally in my body while cooking, writing, talking, etc almost like “making love” to life!!!  Opening up and allowing life through my heart and body…….wowza!! 

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2 Responses to Listening to the Voices in our Head?

  1. Lorian says:

    Great post! Love you

    Lorian Roethlein Managing Partner ICS Partners, LLC Integrity, Commitment & Service Technical Recruiters

    928-468-0961 direct


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