…..and the Walls Came Crumbling Down

We are here.  We are always here and we hear you in times of despair and in times of deep love.  Listen to our calling.  Listen to our guidance and assure that fearful place in you that all is well.  The guidance which you seek can be filled with the joy of goodness;  yet all words and messages can only embed into the place of opening.   Ask for the deepest walls of resistance to crumble, to disintegrate with ease, with simplicity.  For it is not the rebuilding that takes time, it is the dismantling that has you so stuck.  The dismantling can be as easy as a stick of dynamite, yet the explosion can cause so much extraneous, unnecessary damage.  So we say imagine disintegration. For beyond the disintegration is the light, is the love, is the joy, is the wholeness that you so easily see and imagine.  For now, we can see the beach, the dance, the pathways.  The infinite pathways to experience such a joyous and engaging moment are only blocked by these walls.  Again we say imagine them easily, gently disintegrating and dissolving for that is all that is left.

Yes, we have numerous messages for numerous people and giving these message as gifts can gift many.  Allow the goodness of our message to flow so fully through you.  You will be pleased.  As the crumbling continues, allow our light to pour forth through all the places and spaces.

janet’s note:  It has been quite a while since I have done a Wisdom Writing……….thank you Will for the reminder call!!   As you can read in  the message, I am being guided to gift my writings, which I will do in December 🙂   If you would like a free Wisdom Writing for yourself, please email me at jaraedesire@gmail.com and give me a brief description of the area of life where you would like guidance and I will send you a Wisdom Writing!  I love you all so very much 🙂 

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