All Roads Lead to Glory

As you dig deep into your inner reservoir of love, of energy, of the matter that you call soul, our urging is to be patient and kind to yourself in this part of your journey.  The traverse of the great mystery is truly a blessed event.  The ups and the downs are blessed. Though our view doesn’t see the landscape as up or down, we know you experience them that way.  For us all roads lead to love.  All roads lead to glory.  All roads contribute to the all, and the author has no greater contribution than the addict.  The lazy one is not lesser in contribution than the Oprah of your time.  Ponder that.  Feel that.  Know this to be so very true.  When the lens of your life sees the extraordinary in all paths, the light within brightens ten-fold,  and even then that is no greater contribution than the one who lives in darkness all the days on earth.

We truly mean that.  All contribute to the all no matter the journey. 

We ask to continue to ask to do writings for others. Offer, serve and trust the mood will come to sit and write.  You will be so pleased, and know that this contribution is no greater than the tearful, sad moments in your tub. 

All is well dear one.  Freedom reigns so dearly and so clearly for all at all times.

janet’s note:  Wow!!  The message today is so, so beautiful.  Pondering the message today, because being a contribution to the all no matter what is an interesting idea to ponder.  Once again, I will whole-heartedly offer all my readers a “free” Wisdom Writing for your own life. You can email me at or private message me on facebook at  

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