Wisdom Writings~~Unwrapping the Gift of an Open-Hearted Life

Our presence can often confuse you;  yet is not to be doubted as more and more will begin to connect to their soul support not in this reality.  We understand the dilemma the mind has of believing that which is unseen, unproven and un-believable.  Yet there is a part of you that has certainty of the connection, message and love.

Be at peace this day with the events both outside of you and inside of you.  Take the day to be a witness, an observer.  Be one who can see, hear, smell and touch without the need to make the meaning of the mind create the reality.

Even for a second, take it in as an observer, not detached and numb,  but fully present and observe.  In these observations are the moments of splendor, grace and ease that are often missed by your eyes.  This day,  open your heart just as the doctors say AHHHHHH.  Now allow your heart to open up,  and say AHHHHHH.  Breathe it in.  Take it in.  See the world as an observer with an open heart.

Be not surprised if you begin to see nuances and subtleties that were not there before the great opening of the heart.  The open heart can bring in that life of splendor, grace and ease.  No need for protection or control.  Allow, allow, allow and then love all as it is.

We give these words as a gift for you today.  Unwrap it, put it on and strut your stuff.  We delight in your life.  Now,  your turn to do the same………..amen.

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