Wisdom Writings~~Getting a Joy “Tan”!

Today we send the joy of the day that radiates as bright as the sun.  Bask in the joy and allow it to toast your rosy cheeks much like the sun brings color to the skin.  Allow the joy “tan” to cover you and glow from you because the radiance of joy surrounds you like sunlight.

Look around to the trees, birds, flowers, clouds, and feel the joy of nature as it sings, grows and radiates its beauty.  For the beauty of nature is your message and know that we surround you in beauty.  It is our great pleasure.

Much like a baby is swaddled in a cozy blanket and held with precious-loving arms,  do we hold you and envelop you.  Feel that swaddled blanket of joy and love today.  It is there…….always there. Relax into it and be the face of a peaceful, sleeping baby.  It is the path of life possible for all.

We urge the forwarding of the Magical Kingdom Life* and will send great support as you step into the chasm of the great unknown.  The first step is for you to take.   We are with you, flowing love to you and to all who heed the call.

Play with your partner today.  Bring play into the “serious” nature of money, bills, house and life.  Bring play with a jovial heart.  Indeed any change in some old habits can bring a levity that the soul hungers for.

Enjoy all today and we thank you for our connection.  May it serve you in the loss of life that you often resist in experiencing.   We love you deeply and know all is well.  With deep, deep love abounding always………..amen

*janet’s note:  I have been “told” that it is time to start a curriculum type of format for the Magical Kingdom Life……..a series of conference calls, videos, blogs, etc as a service to all right now…….the fear that no one is interested or will come is loudly playing in my mind……..pretty straightforward message for me today!

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