Wisdom Writings~~The Supplements for the Soul

The swirl of life can bring chaos like on a windy day; yet you are unaware of the joy that the winds of change can bring.  So be the calm on a windy day is the lesson that many will hear today.  Being calm in the swirl can seem like an impossible task.  Yet it is the searching that the soul is asking for.  Do you not wonder why the swirl often finds you?  All that comes to you is for the soul to experience itself newly in ways that bring an abundance of peace, joy, love and a satisfaction that only the tears of the heart can express.

We ask you today to stay in the experience of the soul.  Go deeper, deeper into your body and let your soul speak, express and guide your actions in the swirl.

This day is brought to you to be magical and filled with the beauty and love that is there and always waiting to be embodied as you.  The beauty of the day is our gift to you today. See it in the colors, the light, the nature, the smiles.  It is everywhere and when one sees that as the swirl, it is easy for the soul to feel its greatest moment of pleasure and fulfillment.

Be not afraid of new expressions to come forth from you: expressions of elation, richly-loving motions and grand moments of exultation.*  Indeed we do not save these for the priests and masters.  They are yours for your day.   We give them to you daily just like when you take your daily vitamins.  Enjoy our supplements of beauty, love and joy today. May they nurture, nourish and replenish all of life………………amen.

janet’s note:  I wanted to look up a few definitions after this reading!  Exultation is lively or triumphant joy……..Replenish means to make “full” again.  It felt like such an honor to receive this writing this morning!  It is so “beautiful”………lots of love to all of you!

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2 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~The Supplements for the Soul

  1. Loti Gest says:

    This is beautiful and just what I needed before heading out to the dentist! Thanks.


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