Wisdom Writings~~Synching the Mind to the Miraculous

The subject of miracles is one that many seek, others question, and others doubt they are even possible for themselves.  The miracle of life and its ever changing view could be seen as a miracle for some.  For to look at “bills” and see hopelessness and the bars of no freedom can be discouraging and then to see a view when looking at “bills” that is filled with delight, thankfulness and the splendor of a new future is a source of the miraculous.

Yet “how, how, how” is often the question of the mind; which of course cannot be answered by the mind.  For the answering of a mind question with the mind keeps one in a world void of the depth of the soul; the beauty, the love, the pleasure,  even the miraculous for which one seeks.

Deeper, deeper…….allow the question to travel deep down into the body and witness even the question may become insignificant or even change in format.  For the soul and the awakening of its greatest fulfillment is the answer for the day.  So “how, how, how” can become “what is the highest awakening that my soul wishes to experience today?”  Oh indeed it makes the mind lonely when bypassed; yet new emotions of joy, pleasure and love can then fill the mind; synching it with the desires of the soul.

You are here to fulfill the soul, and it is time now, now, now.  We bless you today.  Thank you for making this connection.  Today, just for today, smile.  Send your soul the love of all of us and breathe into your expansion, your love, your brightest vision for life.

Just for today………..amen

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