Wisdom Writing~~Dive in and Find the Gold

The wisdom of a message can bring a new view that often will allow healing and a happy heart.  Yet today we say if the heart is not happy then go deeper into the heart.  Yes, that is the gift of the “sad” days.  Allow the sadness to be like a pool that looks so inviting and dive in,  knowing that the water will allow your buoyancy.  Eventually,  the fun of the water will bring a new light to the sadness.

Today, swim in it and allow it to reveal what is at the bottom of the pool.  For much like a sparkling coin or gem at the bottom of a pool, you must dive in to retrieve it.  Indeed, some will try to grab the “net” to retrieve the gold, yet the weight and shape make the net retrieval difficult and arduous.  So dive into the sadness and go right for the gold.*  It is there, always there and lest you forget; we are there, always there.  So today, be free to be, feel and experience where you are and know there is always gold there for you.

We send great love, great joy, great awareness to the depth of your soul.  Dive in and enjoy………..amen.

*  janet’s note:  I was feeling a little “off” this morning and asked for guidance on how to get my groove back………..I was very surprised by the wisdom writing this morning……..so I guess I just dive in and enjoy the swim!  Don’t even know if I know how to do that!  Hopefully they provide floaties 🙂

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1 Response to Wisdom Writing~~Dive in and Find the Gold

  1. Anne Harman says:

    Love this, Janet – thank you so much for your writings! You are making a difference with so many people. It is so great to read them while I’m thousands of miles away from you in South Africa – it’s magical!


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