Wisdom Writings~~The Pathway from Pain to Joy

Our message brings clarity and wisdom for the many questions that you have:  Love the way it is, right now, right now, right now.

The simplicity of the answer feeds not the mind, since it is ravenous always, much like an over-eater.  So now listen again.  Listen deeper, deeper, deeper down into your soul:  Love all now as it is now, now, now.

The things you find unlovable, intolerable or even annoying when viewed through the satisfaction of the soul, will be transformed into beautiful, loving, pleasurable and satisfying experiences.   For just once does this happen and the pathway is formed to love all as it is now, now, now.

The path of pain is……….well, painful and yet holds the capacity for immeasurable joy, pleasure and love.  Now is that time……now, now, now.    For the times when the pain increases is the time the soul is ready, ready, ready.  See newly.  Ask the question:  What is my soul desiring to experience now?  Then, breathe into the deepest part of you.

A life of receiving, of pleasure, of non-doing sounds like nirvana.  Yet very few can really allow such a life for the doing mind and the “important” aspect of you with that ravenous hunger, will be the blocks to that purpose and fulfillment.  Indeed it is time.  So breathe dear one.  At the very least receive air now, now, now.

Focus on receiving:  beauty with your eyes, the touching of your skin, nourishment from your food and water.  Today…….now…….receive.

All is well………now, now, now.


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