Wisdom Writings~~The Blooming Life!

The “forever” nature of the mind can bring a fear about change or who you are to your mind.  Yet the forever nature is your essence, just within a different picture.  For you are forever loving,  joyful, and filled with light.  The mind says “forever” messing up, not as good or a failure and doomed to this “forever”.   So raise your head above the clouds and fog of the mind and see the beauty, the joy, and the true nature of life, of self.

We send you much support and in so many ways:  the hugs, the calls, the birds, the sunsets.  It is all sent to you for the glory of enjoying life.   Indeed the masquerade of pain, fear and guilt can be support for you to see that which is truly yours:  the love, the beauty, the one that is within all.

We send great love of nature your way as the blooming process will begin soon.   The preparation of nature cannot usually be seen and is mostly undetected by the common mind.  So too, are preparations within you happening for the great blooming.   Yet again,  the noticing of the preparations are overlooked and become the same ol’, same ol’.

Rejoice today for the watering, nurturing and tending to you.  This is our greatest joy and pleasure;  the exquisite blooming awaiting you, awaiting life is like the greatest field of flowers on a Spring day.

Continue the daily dose of love for self.  Continue the daily dose of receiving air.  Continue the daily dose of simplicity for the finest moments of love:  tasting, touching and embracing all that gives you joy.

We encourage a daily connection and assure a loving message will bring goodness to you and to many.  The glorious blue sky that you see and give thanks for is the glorious vision we see when we look at you.

All is well.  Breathe in the day and enjoy the preparation of the blooming life……..amen

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