Wisdom Writing~~Enjoy Your Storm

We pour forth the love that you are always seeking, yet feel not.  So the flow is often blocked by the numerous thoughts of fear and separation that can fill your mind.

Keeping your attention on beauty and love is a practice that can benefit you and many.  As the practice can bring in much more than you realize.  So today breathe in the beauty.   Breathe in the love and take notice within as you do.

Trying to control the body is much like trying to control a hurricane or storm.     There is no sense in trying.  Though the storm can often create damage; the debris that it clears out is way more valuable than the moments of discomfort.  Resist not the storm and heed the warnings as many who do not are the ones who get hurt.  Allow the natural cleaning to take root and indeed you could sleep through it, play music and enjoy it or just be in awe of the work at hand.

Imagine the power of harnessing a hurricane just to clean out all that is not a match for the greatness that you are.  For that power can be held in the body, as the body is your vessel for transformation and is more miraculous than you have ever allowed yourself to see.

So now is the time to make peace with your body.  Much like the calm after the storm, find the calm in your mind.   Open your heart to your body,   knowing it can handle the tumult of the natural cleansing cycle,  and then be at peace.

Again, we say you can focus on beauty and love and the joy of this moment now.

Enjoy your storm, ride it out with love and awe that it comes to you for you.


* janet’s note:  I made a video “reading” of this Wisdom Writing……..here is the link……….  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SX63ykt073o


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