Wisdom Writings~~Creating a New Loop of Receiving

Receiving is a gift that you are learning and the act of receiving can be a lifetime of training.  For indeed the manner of receiving can be filled with an arduous type of experience if one keeps trying to justify or give back.  The true heart that can receive deeply and with clarity by just receiving, touches the soul in a note of beauty and rapture that allows one to feel connected to all of life.

So today we ask you to receive, receive, receive and then just allow whatever reaction the body and mind display.  Witness, witness the reaction and judge it not.  Just witness and notice the repetitive nature of a reaction which of course continues the loop of the lesson recurring over and over again.  For now the witnessing will allow the new loop to form and the delight of the soul’s fulfillment may be loud enough for you to hear.   The “reaction” of the body/mind may surprise and delight you.

For we have so much we wish to give you and the way of this life is to say “yes” with that beautiful, open heart that can radiate love to all of life.  Breathe now through your heart and see the glowing light of love grow brighter and fill the room in which you sit.

We bless you.  We see you.  We know your soul and you are most beloved to us.  Know this each day as you rise and each evening as you drift off…………amen

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1 Response to Wisdom Writings~~Creating a New Loop of Receiving

  1. heartlightdg says:

    It used to be very difficult for me to receive kindness and compliments from others. I would cry or push it away, feeling very undeserving.
    The thing that has stuck with me, after I understood that I deserved good things, was to know that accepting and be gracious and appreciative for what is being offered to you is also a gift for the one doing the giving. I realised how ungracious it is to be so flippant and rejecting when others give me kudos or gifts. So I have learned to accept graciously whatever I am given. And it definitely has been a learning process…or should I say an unlearning process…
    Thank you for this reminder of our beauty and worthiness.


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