Wisdom Writings~~ Like a Bird’s Flight Setting Free the Heart

The grounding of your soul’s experience with your body is a new venture and will bring many lessons of love and trust to you.  For the grounding is a part of knowing you are one with all and that the forces of life are with you in full glory.

For now release the fear of your mind on a daily basis.  Release fear in any form.   Feel the stress of any body part slowly leaving,  and feel a heaviness fill in the stressful areas.  We ask you to allow the healing of your heart in areas you do not know are hurt.  The courage for this is now apparent.  Reveal your heart to many that love you fully and do not edit or guard the expression of love with those that are dear to you.  For indeed you may feel gushy, mushy and vulnerable at all times;  yet allow the mush, the gush and release the bars, straps and protection of your heart.

Today, express your love.  Today express your joy.  Today feel that love and joy down, down, deep in your body.  This is not a mind “full” experience.  This one is for the grounding of your soul, of your life, of your purpose for this life.

Today, open your heart and set free all love like the birds that fly so freely in the sky.  Be at peace with your great love and be at peace with you…………amen.

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1 Response to Wisdom Writings~~ Like a Bird’s Flight Setting Free the Heart

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Wonderful post, Thanks!


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