Wisdom Writings~~Riding a New Wave of Reality

The journey of a life is filled with many adventures; yet the adventure is often overlooked as the desire for the end, the result is great within the mind.

As you continue to look down into the soul’s desire, we ask you to connect with your soul as often as possible and bring forth a communication that allows feeling connected throughout your day.  For the desire of the soul can bring great blessings for the adventures on the life journey.

The adventurous soul is ready to explore, experience and express.  Oh the beauty of your soul is so sweet, so miraculous, so radiant and now is your time to shine.  Bring forth that essence of love, joy, trust, desire, whatever the soul is now ready to express and experience.  This can bring a wholly(holy?) new view of life-reality and the blessings will abound.

Flat tire, bad day, broken heart, or loss of home all can bring the most beautiful of moments to the soul.  We thank the ones who have begun to go deeper into this journey.   Now we say hold hands, walk together, feel your “self” one with all.   The collective light of your radiant souls will create a wave* of a reality that can be ridden with great joy and glee for so many.

Today is for you.  Today is for all, always.  Enjoy.  In joy…………..amen.

*janet’s note…….This was written before I knew about the earthquake in Japan and pending tsunami…….I saw this group of souls riding a wave, much like surfing.  Interesting that yesterday’s writing also included a wave analogy as well. I wasn’t certain if I should post this writing today, yet I trust the writings and have learned to post them no matter what my “mind” is thinking.

My prayer for those in Japan is that they connect with their souls and listen to that guidance/voice.  I will also do a visualization seeing all the souls connected and filled with love, joy and beautiful light as they come together in support during this time.

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1 Response to Wisdom Writings~~Riding a New Wave of Reality

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Thank you Janet for bringing so much Light with this wonderful message. I will join you in your visualization of support.


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