Wisdom Writings~~The Great Receiving is Now

Our message of love, joy and splendor is for you today.  It brings a vibration of ease and inner-knowing that all of life is sensing a new beginning, an opening.  This is a time in life that can bring an opportunity for the great love, the great receiving.   The greatest opening that life has yet to offer is here now.

So begin the diligence of a practice that will connect you deeper to all of life.  Witnessing nature, opening your heart, indulging in long, loving hugs…….whatever in the moment can bring that feeling that essence of “Yes there is something greater that I can surrender to.” We do know the act of surrender* is unknown to so many and yet the action/usage of that word can bring the “great love” to all of life.

Your memory of the past can bring the closing of the opening and for now the remembrance of the future can bring the greatest of openings.  Today is a day that you can be at ease, at peace and enjoy.  In this day is a gift for you and much like a buried treasure, is worth the hunt.  We love the joy of bringing it forth to you.   The cooperation of you looking can facilitate the revealing process.

So AAARRGHHH Matey,**  be a pirate of your own treasure today and enjoy the hunt.  We send all our love, all our joy and all our everlasting peace to you………..amen.

janet’s note:  *Whenever a word is referenced so strongly, I look it up and find the origins of the word.  Surrender comes from an Old French word sur- meaning “over” and render- meaning “give or deliver”……….so I hear that surrender is giving oneself over…..and, hence in the giving/receiving cycle,  as I give, so shall I receive.

**  Sometimes their sense of humor catches me off guard…….it did this morning……often I think “how stupid” to include this; yet I surrender to the Wisdom Writings!

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