Wisdom Writings~~Flowing Love to You

Everlasting life is often a term many say and yet the true realization is beyond the experience of a human.  It must be,  and hence the paradox of life as it is.  We issue (flow)* the love of all to so many.  We love the joy that many feel when the connection to all is realized.

We ask that our message of connection through love be magnified and the beauty of that magnification is to be seen by the all.  We send the great love of our hearts to you, to you, to you.   Yes, dear one we send love just for you.  We know your brilliance, your beauty and your depth of love.  We send this great love to you,  as you are our only love today;  yet this message can be read by many, as numerous as there are stars in the sky.  We send love equally to all.  We send that special love where you feel your face embraced with the most loving hands and feel the gentle kiss on your forehead that says, “Oh beautiful one,  we hold you dearly and we are always here for you.”

Our love  can bring great joy and yet pales to the love that is within you……..pales to the creativity that flows through you……..and pales in the brilliance that shines from you.

We love you.  Today we are sending love and whispering words of kindness all day.  Do you hear us?  Be still and listen…………..amen

janet’s note: *  I didn’t like the word “issue” but when I looked it up, the definition is the act of flowing or giving out………..which then for me made this sentence so beautiful.

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1 Response to Wisdom Writings~~Flowing Love to You

  1. Gabrielle says:

    This is wonderful! The Love and Light comes through with every word. Thank you so much!


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