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Lighten UP

Of course we can connect to you. We are always with you and the ALWAYS can be mind boggling for some, but we say allow the unknown to become more interesting and get more curious without impressing the vibration or … Continue reading

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Loving Reminders…..This is Who You Are

As we watch and praise the journey of your life, do we sing the glory of your every step. For always do we have reverence for the journey that you take.  The reverence of one who so steadfastly searches, seeks … Continue reading

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Wisdom Writings~~We Thank You for the Courage of Feeling “Human”

The message of our writing today is from a place of wonder and awe,  as we duplicate the appreciation you have for life, for love, for the connection that fills you with such joy.* As the day unfolds and the … Continue reading

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Wisdom Writings~~Flowing Love to You

Everlasting life is often a term many say and yet the true realization is beyond the experience of a human.  It must be,  and hence the paradox of life as it is.  We issue (flow)* the love of all to … Continue reading

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