Wisdom Writings~~We Thank You for the Courage of Feeling “Human”

The message of our writing today is from a place of wonder and awe,  as we duplicate the appreciation you have for life, for love, for the connection that fills you with such joy.*

As the day unfolds and the nuances of blessings and connection become evident, sit with those moments.  Breathe in those moments.  Allow them to take  you deeper into your being.  For nothing is a uni-dimensional experience.  The advent of the multi-dimensional awareness is coming forth for you; hence our messages asking for attention to nature, non-doing, and feeling pleasure down in the soul.

For the access of many forms of information can bring the new awareness that is available to you and many.  For now, no sharing is necessary.  Just feeling the experience, awareness and connection can open many doors for many people.

We thank you for your openness and the courage of feeling “human”.   We know that is a great undertaking for one so filled with love and light.  We are here, always here, and we find you amazing and a light for the world.

Be at peace with your path and trust the steps of non-productivity.  With love, all ways and always………….amen.

*janet’s note:  I had a tough day emotionally yesterday and at the end of the day saw a friend I hadn’t seen in 15 years…….I was kind of like an aunt for him.   He told me how strongly I influenced him and how he speaks of me frequently to his friends.  His mother died recently and I was moved that I could be that source of unconditional love for him.

I have felt so “worthless” in this non-doing stage I’m in and feel very guided by today’s writing…………

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3 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~We Thank You for the Courage of Feeling “Human”

  1. heartlightdg says:

    Thank you Janet. This was a meaningful message for me as I too have had some very rough spots this week, yet through them, I have learned much about myself and my journey. Sometimes it takes great courage and steadfastness to be “human” doesn’t it? Love knowing we are cheered on by Spirit.


  2. Gabrielle says:

    It’s good to know there are others out there who also feel human! 🙂 I know all about non-doing too, but sometimes it is necessary – to allow for insights and/or to adjust to a higher vibrational level after making progress! It may make you feel worthless, frustrated and helpless, but once it’s time for ‘doing’ again, you’ll realise why you had to go through it. Thank you for being you Janet – how could you possibly be worthless when you bring us such wonderful wisdom?! 🙂


    • jaraedesire says:

      Ahhhhhh but that is the beauty of being human……..feeling those dark feelings and then having those moments of bliss that are so rich and would be indistinguishable without the dark moments! Knowing I am loved no matter how I feel or what I “do” is the gift I receive from all of you!


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