Wisdom Writings~~A Flood of Love

Your journey of light and love continues and the opening of your heart can bring greater and greater joys to you.  For the opening of the heart in moments previously not experienced, can bring a flood of love past the dam that has been built from your many years.  In the moment that love floods past the dam, the life you came to experience also comes flooding in.

For the experience of one who is loving, gentle, kind and open is the life that you and many are here to live.  Releasing the fear, the anger, the sadness and the depth of grief can often bring in the greatest flood of love, joy and elation.

So now turn to your day and notice the many times the dam wants to build around your heart.  Breathe beyond the protection and just allow love to flood in.  ‘Tis okay if you know not what to do or say in those moments.  Just breathe past the dam and into the love.  Often the flood of love will lead the way for the doing and saying.

We honor you.  We love you.  We sing glorious songs of joy as we witness your life.  Sing with us today……………amen

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