Wisdom Writings~~Light Up the Glory Days

Our message of love has been clearly heard and the opening of your heart is your great work for now.  Continue the opening of the deepest parts and exposing them to the light of love.

In the days of glory can much be brought to you.  Sing and dance with joy in the glory days, as those days are the reality you seek.   Be ever so cautious of the perspective that the bad days invalidate all the glorious ones.  For your view is skewed and the “flip-flop”would open up a world of wonder.

Be at peace with the wonderful, rolling moods and emotions that flow through  life.  Bring that smile to your face and the sparkle in your eyes to all that comes across your mind.   For in the mind is a world that can delight you or frighten you.  The detachment from your soul’s desire allows the frightening part to run rampant.  So like an extension cord that brings light to the dark recesses of the attic, connect your soul’s desire to your mind and light up the glory days.  May the fun begin.

We love you.  We love all, and we bless the beauty of your world…………amen.

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2 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~Light Up the Glory Days

  1. heartlightdg says:

    I love your messages jaraedesire, so full of the love and joy of living. Thank you for sharing them.
    Since making the choice to focus on what I want and love, the other undesireable stuff has decreased significantly, if not completely, inside me and outside. I told my daughter the other day when she asked me about how could I stand being alone all the time on the road that I’m good, there’s a party going on in my head most of the time! LOL.
    Ok so that sounded crazy but hey, I’m happy, yes?


  2. Gabrielle says:

    Years ago, when I was going through a very tough time, I decided to look for one thing every day that made me happy, and focused on that rather than the bad stuff. It worked like a dream and before long I found more and more things every day that made me happy. It’s about sending your energy in the right direction, as it will return with more of the same. Looking back, I feel an endless gratitude for having been shown the way like that, as it has turned my whole life positive. Thank you Janet for sharing this wisdom.


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