Wisdom Writings~~Living in the Swirl of Worry or Splendor?

The “grandness” of the blue skies can often go unnoticed on the days that focus on worry, fear, doubt, pain and annoyance.  Yet, the blue sky is always there; vibrant, beautiful, full of life, and greater and grander than anything you can imagine in life.  So, too is the glorious light of love within you always there, and always waiting to shine brilliantly and brightly;  spotlighting the beauty, joy and splendor that is awaiting you.

The glorious nature of life is often so overlooked, so unseen, so ignored and today, we say stop for one minute, ten minutes, one hour or all day and bask in the glory.  Allow it to envelop you and breathe it in.

We see the beautiful colors of spring swirling around you.   Now in the moments where you feel the swirl of fear, worry or doubt, imagine the colors of spring swirling inside the fear, worry and doubt.  The dissipation of the mood from heavy to light will revive the thinking and the body.  The “burden” of success has been coupled with worry, fear and doubt.*   Now is the time to connect your life’s work with joy, pleasure and love.  Create a new swirl of colors that delight you as you go ahead into this new venture.

We bask in the glory of your life, your purpose and your love, for now, forever and for always………….amen.

*janet’s note:  Before I sat down to write, I asked how I could have my career fuel and source my well-being, because in the past even though I love what I do, it has depleted and exhausted me……….I LOVE the answer!   Any artists out there who can draw this beautiful swirl of colors? 🙂 

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1 Response to Wisdom Writings~~Living in the Swirl of Worry or Splendor?

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Sorry Janet, I’m not that kind of artist, but I’ll visualise sending you a vibrantly coloured rainbow, with love.


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