Wisdom Writings~~The Tree of Beauty and Grace Within

We feel your rush of joy and excitement and know the tendency it brings to feel hurried as well.  So now ask for the guidance of your soul to come forth in the place that  you allow yourself to feel heavy in the body.  For that weight can be the blessed grounding that allows you to see who you really are.

The beautiful light of love and joy is bright within you and comes not from your mind and head.  It comes from the depth of you.  In the moments it shines so brightly,  the wisdom of the tall trees and their strength will pass through you, allowing for the greatest connection to the source of life.

So now imagine the strength, wisdom and solidity of  that glorious tree that brings such grace and beauty to you.*  Allow yourself to see all “that” within you, as  you.  Feel the strength that has nothing to do, nowhere to go, and nothing to accomplish.  It can just be and in that is its beauty; in that is its gift; in that do many gather round and relish the moments of shade, beauty and peace.

Enjoy all that the source of life brings to you and enjoy all that the source of life fills within you.  As you witness all others today, connect with the source of life within them and be the smile you wear on your face.

With love……………..amen.

* janet’s note:  I have two beautiful Mesquite trees that embrace my front walkway to my house………I give thanks for their beauty almost daily and started blogging these writings after sitting by my living room window that allows me to feel so close to them. 

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1 Response to Wisdom Writings~~The Tree of Beauty and Grace Within

  1. ariteofpassageinpaint says:

    Janet, This is such an inspiring piece. I LOVE that the wisdom and guidance of trees is used as an example of how to show up and “be” in life. I also feel a very powerful connection to tree energy and see a strong inter-relationship between human beings and tree beings. Reading this today touched my heart.


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