Wisdom Writings~~Like a Bubble, Once You Touch It; It Pops!

The depth of our love and light is the place of  home for you,  and silencing the external noise of your mind can often be the path suggested to reach the depths.  We ask you today to move your body with ease, with grace, with rhythm and allow yourself to feel our depth.  For the moving of your body will silence the mind, and can bring you the pleasure which you seek.

Indeed it is our great desire to bring forth the soul’s desire;  as all will benefit when the soul is satisfied.   Continue the focus on love, joy and pleasure,  feeling the satisfaction of your soul.  See the opening all around you that can be seen in reality.  For the opening of life with life brings the brilliant beauty that is readily available for all.

Today your mantra word could be “open”, “open”, “open”.   Open your heart.  Open your mind.  Open your soul to all that comes to you.  Feeling that open space and knowing there is nothing to do in the open space.  Just allowing it,  for much like a bubble, once it gets touched;  it pops.  So allow, allow, allow the great opening of life, with life.

Be in joy and pleasure today as you witness the miracle of life all around you……………….amen.

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