Wisdom Writings~~What is Your Pace in Life?

As the day unfolds and the time goes on, you will see the beauty or you will see the drama.  Indeed the “seer” is the one who determines the experience of the day.   Allow the “seer” to go deep down into your soul and see the day through the eyes of your soul, through the love of your soul, through the joy of your soul.

The beauty of a day, of a moment, of an experience can often go unseen when clouded by urgency, fear or attachment.  So today,  slow down not just to remedy an anxious or angst-filled view of life.  Today, go slow so you can look around and see the beauty, the love, the joy that is always there;  yet only visible in a different pace.

The pace of joy, love and beauty is the pace where life begins to unfold, open and bloom.   Notice that nature operates at this pace with gentle, subtle timing.  The growth of a flower into a bloom can go unnoticed and yet is fully in its glory at every stage; as are you.

We love watching you bloom and the unimaginable joy of watching yourself bloom is what we give you today.  So go slow.  Notice your beauty, your growth, and the easy, gentle swaying of your soul’s desire coming forth.

We love you and offer great tidings of heaven on earth……………..amen.

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2 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~What is Your Pace in Life?

  1. Gabrielle says:

    This is very beautiful and very true. We need to slow down to see the beauty in all things, including ourselves. It’s been said that as time speeds up, we should slow down and I think there’s a lot in that, as it is the only way to cut down on stress – the stress we have all been programmed to take on in modern life, and which stops us from experiencing the beauty that is all around us. Thank you Janet!


  2. Anne Harman says:

    Your writings are always perfect for what I’m experiencing – thank you, Janet!


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