Wisdom Writings~~Are You Ready to Unlock the Vision?

The majesty of a mountain is the energy of peace, strength and beauty.  This is the energy reflecting back to you.  As you see the majesty of the mountains, you can imagine that strength, beauty and peace within you.  Breathe it down, down, down into your soul and allow it to fill you and ground  you.

We see the great future of the world where all are filled with peace, beauty and love.  We applaud you for any moment that you can hold that vision.   For holding that vision when there is no picture in reality, is truly the role of a visionary, of a spirit and soul that is fully on its journey.

So now in the holding of the vision, see if you can expand the glory, the beauty, the immaculate energy of the love you are feeling and seeing.  Our joyful guidance asks that this vision be shared and indeed the rebuttal may come; resist it not.  The sharing will plant the seed.  Many souls are waiting for the call of this vision and much like a combination lock that clicks into place, the seeing and having of this loving world will open up the lock down on so many.

So today go play.   Expand, expand, expand your desires, your love, your pleasure, your joy and even if you dare,  be bold with it.  At the very least, play and have fun.

We delight in your dance of joy, which is the music of life……………….amen.*

*janet’s note…….Wow.  The beauty of this message really speaks to me today.  I appreciate this connection and it gives me such joy to share this with you.  I click “publish” with great love!

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2 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~Are You Ready to Unlock the Vision?

  1. Richard says:

    Do you do wisdom writing for individuals? How would one sign up for a personal session?


  2. Gabrielle says:

    What a wonderful message! Thank you Janet.


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