Wisdom Writings~~Guidance for Today’s News

As the days of the past descend upon the minds of many, the focus of beauty and love will challenge the visionary ones.  Yet, the attention towards joy, beauty and love, is the direction that many are yearning for.

Allowing the dismay and reaction to all that happens in life,  is the path of joy and love.*  So be at peace in the day and consider today a bonus.   For truly if no resistance or righteousness comes forth and in its place comes a heart full of joy and love; celebrate, dance and sing because your soul is leading the way for heaven on earth and a glorious time for all.

We ask you to allow the great “receiving” that you are requesting to be a time filled with  great knowing.  The “hope” can bring a hesitation.  Knowing, seeing and feeling is the path for the reality which you seek.  We ask for the same “certainty” that sees the blue skies to be the “certainty” that sees the visioned life.

We thank you for your connection and agree to be are available to others if they ask.**  For indeed often the message is the same flavor since all are one.  We would be filled with great joy to touch other’s lives if this is desired.

All is well today.  Live in the joy of knowing all is well always………….amen.

*janet’s note:  I asked for guidance on the reaction to the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death.  Allowing my dismay to other’s reactions and keeping my attention on joy and love seems to be the answer……..beautiful guidance.  For sure if I could go the day without any righteousness about my view and/or resistance to the news, it would be a bonus day in feeling love and joy!!  

** I was asked twice if I would do Wisdom Writing messages and private sessions with others………clearly the guidance is yes.  I will add this to my home page and end each blog with my contact info.  If this is a desire of yours, you can contact me by commenting after this blog and I will send you a private email with the details.  Sending deep love and appreciation to all. 

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