Loving Reminders…..This is Who You Are

As we watch and praise the journey of your life, do we sing the glory of your every step. For always do we have reverence for the journey that you take.  The reverence of one who so steadfastly searches, seeks and looks for the highest path, the path of wisdom; one who attends to the highest goodness in others. 

Know that is who you are, and the tension, anger, fear reactions are the human playing out his/her role as well.  Enjoy this dance.  Integrate the being of your soul into the being of the human and enjoy the dance that is life.  It is for you and reach, reach, reach for us through breath, through writing, through love. We will always, always, always be here with messages of love, joy and goodness.  For this is who you are.

janet’s note:  What fun it has been to gift you with a personalized Wisdom Writing.  I have made so many new heart-felt connections and the flow of the Wisdom Writings is one of my favorite experiences to share with others.  I am offering these through May 1, 2015 as a gift to you.  Please message me via email at jarae@comcast.net if you are called to receive this gift 🙂

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