The Gift of Disharmony and Dissonance in Our Lives

Fuel the body with the goodness of love.  Fuel the body with the greatness of grace.  Fuel the body with the immense glory that is you, that flows through you, and that “is”. 

We welcome a message of connection, a bridge of light.  As you open your heart and soul, that bridge illuminates a great splendor, and the path of connection builds and grows stronger through each connection.  Reclaim the glory of your voice. Reclaim the glory of your view.  Reclaim the glory of your value and step forward now.

For the message of the mighty heart is one to come forth now.  For the voracity of love needed for you to move you forward, is now there to propel you into the flow of your destined path.  And never once again doubt that we are with you, that all is divine, and that any path excels another’s.  For each minute vibration is important.  Each step, gradient, opening is indeed the glory of each soul finding its harmonic vibration,  and the disharmony is of great value. The dissonance creates a desire for harmony that enlivens and reclaims the part of the soul that went into deep slumber.  So arise now and celebrate all the disharmony in your life, and the lives of others and in your world.  For this disharmony will crescendo into a symphony of love, joy and beauty that is calling forth so many right now. 

Enjoy this adventure.  Enjoy this journey.  Enjoy this thing called life.

janet’s note:  Hi!  I haven’t received a Wisdom Writing in quite some time.  I have been getting the nudge to write again and listened to the nudge.  As I sat down to write today it took a bit longer to feel connected and it felt similar, yet different in its style and voice.  I believe I have connected or possibly reconnected to a new voice.  I love the wisdom of this message and though distinctly for me, I share this with all of you.  For if it calls to just one of you and it opens your heart and soul,  then it is a true gift that flows through me to you!   Much love. 

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7 Responses to The Gift of Disharmony and Dissonance in Our Lives

  1. Nisthur Anadi says:

    Good job done


  2. American Health Acupuncture says:

    Beautiful and amazing in your timing. Just what I needed to hear today! Many Blessings to you Janet. Love & Light, Sherry

    *Be good to yourself! * Sherry Tejada Office/Marketing Manager/CCHt – Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

    The AHA! Experience American Health Acupuncture …Healing the Body, Mind, & Spirit 520-544-6603 7130 North Omar Drive Tucson AZ 85741

    English Español


  3. Will McCall says:

    I love that you are tuning in to someone or some thing different. You are picking up a different vibration and can recognize that it’s not the same energy as before. Interesting. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. lara444 says:

    It spoke to me big time! 🙂 Lara


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