The Reverberation and Treasure of Trust

As the goodness of your life begins to flood in, allow the float and raising of your trust to build with the goodness.  For the glory of goodness can be received through the conduit of trust.  The trust that abounds within each and every person, is like a treasure yet to be discovered. 

As each person,  one-by-one opens that treasure box, then much like a fireworks display gone awry, the beauty, glory and immediacy is felt, seen and heard by all those that are nearby and even those at far distances.  For the reverberation of trust goes out in many, many directions and brings goodness in new ways yet to be discovered in your world.  We assure you the glory of goodness is the birthright of all,  and yet the trust will be your keys to the kingdom.


Now as our message shifts to Henry*, allow all the goodness that he is, that you are and that all involved are to bubble forth for you.  Let that be your energy.  Let that fuel and fill you and again we say trust that ride.  Trust that journey.  Trust the goodness as it ebbs and flows in the conversation.  All is well and enjoy.

janet’s note:  Hi!  The visual that came through on this message was spectacular.  The opening of treasure boxes around the world had a Disney-esque feel with lots of color.  I love the idea of people around the world trusting life more and more and watching “goodness” become a celebrated yet certain outcome.   The second part was a personal message to me regarding a friend* (not his real name) and what to say to him.  Lo and behold no guidance on what to say to him…….more guidance on how to view all parties involved and how to feel in the conversation.  I thought that might benefit someone besides me, so I shared.  Much love to all of you!

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