The Fruit is Always the Sweetest with the Fullest Blossom

As time goes by, we are with you and never disconnect from you.  The flow of our wisdom is available for you at any time, all the time.

And in the matter of your service do you need to pursue it or is it meant to unfold around you.  Bloom, bloom, bloom like a spring flower and by putting yourself in new soil; in ripe, fertile soil will you bloom.  Allow the nudges to guide you. Thank them and expand the message of the nudges to include as many as possible, for the gathering of your clan has begun and will continue to grow.  For we are waiting to bring the many, so for now deepen and enjoy the new connections; and like the fragile bloom, allow it to fully blossom, for the fruit is always the sweetest with the fullest blossom.

We appreciate our connection and now the flow of appreciation is opening up both ways, for the wisdom of the “all that is” is  a wisdom that can be heard and felt by many.  You will be connecting to many but for now enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. 

janet’s note:  Hello!  It has been 18 months since I have done a Wisdom Writing and there has been great expansion in my life!  18 months ago I was using a walker to walk.  I am now climbing stairs, driving, walking through airports and going to Pilates on a regular basis. YAY!!!   18 months ago I was living in Tucson for almost 25 years.  I am now living in Asheville and loving a new chapter here with my husband.  The trees, clouds, humidity are enlivening my soul.  I recently got a strong nudge to start writing again and for the first time have deep appreciation for the gift of my Wisdom Writings.  I look forward to writing more and expanding this gift to as many people as possible.  Much love to all of you! 

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6 Responses to The Fruit is Always the Sweetest with the Fullest Blossom

  1. Dorothy Inglis says:

    Janet, what a pleasant surprise to see “Wisdom Writing” back on my screen. Missed reading your powerful words. Know that you have a large “listening” for your wisdom.


  2. Sherry says:

    How wonderful that I had just been thinking about you this past week….and now you unfold like the flowers you write about. I wish you all the best. Keep playing! Love and light…Sherry


  3. Anne Harman says:

    I’m so delighted to see you writing , Janet! Congratulations on this and all the miracles in your life! Thank you for sharing your gifts. You are a treasure.


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