You are an Exquisite Salute to the Power of Nature

The expansion of life is a certainty and a “static” that “is”.   

And in the matter of the expansion through nature, via nature, in nature; you can look at the bud on the trees and see those buds in their early state, as the plumpness of the twigs expand.  Soon the blossoms come forth with an exquisite salute to the power of nature, to the evolving nature of expansion that perpetually “is”.   

We say that is you; for the evolving nature of you “is”.  The allowing is the going with what is and the disallowing is the very act of interceding on a path that doesn’t even exist. For you could go remove every bud from a tree and yet would it not evolve, expand grow?  For in the very core, in the roots, in the cells, are the very catalysts for growth, expansion and beauty. 

Again we say to you, the growth and evolution of you is in your cells, in your core, in you, is you.  So now dear one allow the blossoming of your branches.  Allow the fullest foliage to emerge from within and be marveled by you.  Enjoy the you that is growing, evolving and doing what nature intended.  For you are here to be the most beautiful tree in your soul’s evolution. 

Now is your time.  Now is your time.  Now is your time.

janet’s note:

I proposed a direction for this writing for the first time, as an experiment.  Usually I allow a full flow of wisdom to come through me.  As I was sitting on my front porch enjoying the emergence of spring through the trees, birds, squirrels, etc I started my writing with this:  “I am going to receive a message that is a gift to many in expanding as the very nature of who they are.”   Enjoy the beauty and love in the Wisdom Writing today.  I am appreciative of both the gift that flows through me and you for receiving it so openly.  Much love. 

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1 Response to You are an Exquisite Salute to the Power of Nature

  1. Anne Harman says:

    Thank you, Janet – this is a very special and timely message!


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