You are an “Awe of Nature”

Our message for xxxx is ready and the time for her has been one of great focus, of great attention, and now we ask you to turn your attention to love.  But this love is love of self in a way that may be new for you. 

For the love of self is an affinity for the you that you are in this moment; as you are in this moment.  So we ask you to see a scan of the self much like you would scan a beautiful butterfly.  For imagine if you could get a close-up of a butterfly in its cocoon state, in its emergent state, and in its fully free and flying state.  Each scan would bring awe and wonder for the glorious colors, textures and ways of movement.  It would all bring an appreciation for nature and an awe for the way of nature.

So now we ask you to view yourself as an “awe of nature”, something extraordinary, something amazing, one of a kind.  Now you are in your cocoon and this state has beauty, reverence and necessity for the emergence of the beautiful butterfly. Now the caterpillar worries not about how in the world will it grow wings.  No, the caterpillar listens to its desires, fills its belly, retreats to the darkness and awaits with patience the glorious delivery of the wings. 

So now dear xxxxx we say to adorn yourself with the glory of nature.  Everyday attune to it and revel in it and know that every glorious cell, shape, color and size is made of the very essence of every cell, shape, color and size that is in you.  For the awe and wonder of self is the journey for you.  Enjoy it. Slow down. Realize the true value of each step you take and trust your wings will be magnificent.

We love you……..always……..all ways.

janet’s note:   This is one of the most beautiful writings that has come through.  This was a personalized message for someone this week.  I got her permission to share this because I felt the message would be a great gift for many of you!   I love you all so much and just adore the gift of the Wisdom Writings!  

I am testing out some “integration” practices with these writings so that my clients may take this from a “Wow that is a beautiful message” to a “Wow, this is my daily life experience,  filled with awe and wonder.”    For this message, my client is getting a magnifying glass and going out to her garden to look at the tulips that keep getting her attention and see the things she doesn’t normally see when she looks from a distance.  Then at night, in her journal, instead of writing what she hopes, wishes and prays for, she will write where she saw the parts of her that are hidden that are beautiful or any place else in the day where she was in awe.   The premise here is that the WisdomWorld is a reality that is always available and waiting and that by writing about it and seeing it allows it to integrate and interact with us on a daily basis. 

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  1. Anne Harman says:

    Beautiful, dear friend 💋


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