Peering Through the Wonder Window

As the days go by and the healing grows faster, allow the integration of goodness, of reverency of goodness to imbue your very core.  Feel it surround, envelop and fill the tendons, the cells, the blood vessels, the muscles, the nerves, all aspects of that which you call your body.  Begin to feel, see and know reverence for the physical in a way that brings the essence of wonder to your experience. 

As you go in your days, view the landscape with wonder:  the blooms, the colors, the timing, the tapestry of the all of nature, the timing of nature, the glory of nature and feel filled by that beauty as it surrounds you. 

As you go about your day, feel the wonder of love as it fills you.  How do you feel love?  How do you know love?  How do you receive love and then how do you receive more love?  Amaze yourself at your capacity to receive love, and much like a child, thrill when it overflows and thrill when it just tickles you. 

Allow all that life brings to be a wonder.  Allow wonder to fill you, and peer through the lens of life with a wondrous soul.  Feel the truest essence of who you are.  For now you know why you delight with children, it is the recognition of who you really are:  filled with wonder and delight.  Allow that to fill your days, fill your heart and be the most valuable commodity of the day. 

We thank you for our connection and anticipate great moments in the journey you call life.

janet’s note:  Oh such a glorious message.  The messages are flowing again and my appreciation for them and being a “channel” for them is growing as well.  I love, love, love doing Wisdom Writings for other people…….they come across as a love letter from your soul. From now until May 1, 2015, I will be offering the Wisdom Writings as a gift to anyone who would like one.  You may email me,  reply to this blog or message me on fb   For those of you who have already had one, you are included in this offer as well!!

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1 Response to Peering Through the Wonder Window

  1. Anne Harman says:

    Hi dear friend – I would love to receive a wisdom writing from you. Xoxo



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