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The Unique Factor of You

The faithful flowing of our energy to you is always here, always flowing.  At this time,  many, many feel isolated and disconnected.   For we say look deeper, feel deeper and notice the deep feelings of connection, deep feelings of love … Continue reading

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Peering Through the Wonder Window

As the days go by and the healing grows faster, allow the integration of goodness, of reverency of goodness to imbue your very core.  Feel it surround, envelop and fill the tendons, the cells, the blood vessels, the muscles, the nerves, … Continue reading

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Wisdom Writings~~Seeing Sparkling Dreams through the Transparent Film

Our messages and intent have a feeling of love and levity.  The view we see allows for great love and levity.  As you gaze out in the horizons of your life, look for the love and levity of all that … Continue reading

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