Wisdom Writings~~Seeing Sparkling Dreams through the Transparent Film

Our messages and intent have a feeling of love and levity.  The view we see allows for great love and levity.  As you gaze out in the horizons of your life, look for the love and levity of all that is and as you gaze into your internal landscape, again look for the love and levity of all that you are.

We do see the children as a symbol of this gaiety.  Surrounding yourself in their joy and delight can often bring glee; yet can also bring resistance and annoyance, for you have forgotten your true nature.  Now as many have said before–become as children and with innocence view the world.  See the possible dreams sparkle before your very eyes.  If you cannot see them, make them up.   The line between fantasy and reality has no gap or chasm as you may believe.  We see you on the other side of the transparent film that separates the reality from the fantasy.

We urge the playful creation and playful life as you move forward in your days.  We see the all of all and want you to know that love abounds and is in every atom of matter seen and unseen.  Inundate yourself with love.  Play in your life and bring great joy to every moment.

Ahhh the blessedness of your life.  We love you deeply…………….amen.

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2 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~Seeing Sparkling Dreams through the Transparent Film

  1. jaraedesire says:

    Woo Hoo……….this is the 100th Wisdom Writing I’ve blogged!! I love this one, especially the part about the transparent film…….I saw two realities side by side and only this transparent film/curtain separating them…….one was vividly in color and beauty……..the other was muted. Ok expanding my capacity to dream BIG like a fantasy before the logical mind kicks in could be a fun practice!!!


  2. Gabrielle says:

    Congrats on no. 100 Janet! As always, it’s beautiful!
    It reminds me of the water fight I had with my three grandchildren last weekend…….Haven’t had so much fun in ages! 🙂 It’s just wonderful to feel like a child again… there’s a sense of total freedom in it that I think we all need.
    Love, Gabrielle


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