Wisdom Writings~~The Best Ride of your Life

Begin each day in a state of deep joy for the life at hand.  Yes, indeed the life at hand is the life that can and will fill you with depths of joy, pleasure and love that are yet to be experienced.

For the expanding of such ooey-gooey goodness is desired by the “all that is” and will be supported in those odd, subtle, rare moments that seem to be serendipitous; yet are questioned as such.  For we do send the rainstorms, animals, phone calls, songs on the radio, emails, hugs, etc.; whatever we can to en”lighten” your mood, your feelings, your life.

Look to those moments and cherish them.   Say “Yes, yes, yes  I appreciate these and yes, yes, yes I am open to more, more, more.”  The desire of “more” is so, so good and yet often the reaction to desire and more is resisted and considered selfish.  We are waiting so lovingly and eagerly for many to hop on the desire train.  It is an endless train and the best ride you will ever take.  So hop on and ask others to join you as you glide through the most beautiful landscapes of life.   Allowing desire to lead you, fill you, and take your life to the peaks of joy.

We send  you all our love on this glorious day………………amen.


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2 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~The Best Ride of your Life

  1. jaraedesire says:

    I love the visual image I got when they mentioned the Desire train traveling through the beautiful landscapes of life! Yesterday was tough for me with the intense heat and just felt “off” most of the afternoon and KNEW that no rain was coming………..lo and behold two storms came! I was able to walk this morning in glorious cool air and it felt like the storms were just for me! I also had a precious turtle cross my path twice this morning 🙂 Sending love to all of you!!!


  2. Gabrielle says:

    This is just wonderful Janet, thank you! 🙂


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