The Unique Factor of You

The faithful flowing of our energy to you is always here, always flowing.  At this time,  many, many feel isolated and disconnected.   For we say look deeper, feel deeper and notice the deep feelings of connection, deep feelings of love and deep feelings of creativity. For it is creativity that we wish to address today.

For the Creativity of many is flowing at this time and the enormity of that flow is greater than any flow of technology signals that some have concern of.  For your connection, your flow comes from a source with no need for the technology signals and we say tap in, tap in, tap into your creativity;  be it with cooking, writing, music, problem-solving… Each and everyone has the most unique creative flow, all of which is beautiful and a contribution to your world.

For you came to experience creativity, fun, flow, enjoyment and growth;  so now is the time for all of you.  Worry not about your level of creativity or contribution.  Attend to the unique factor of you and the growth of this contribution, joy and love flowing through you so easily.  Yes, of course you will find hurdles, for they are there for you to know that; YES, you can.  YES, it’s in you.  Discovering pockets, surges, reservoirs of creativity, strength, grace, love is the name of the game for you now and truly has always been.

Now, now, now is the time to grow that enjoyment in jumping hurdles with grace, ease and a strength that is in you; always in you. Discover the essence of a YOU that the glimmer of childhood remembers.

For the gift of the children is remembering that joy of imagination and delight in being anything you wanted to be.  Enjoy that gift of being with the children at this time.  For maybe not are you to teach; maybe to allow.  Absorb the joy of their play, delight and imagination.  For this generation is growing and expanding in this moment with the unison of their parents joy, imagination and play that is benefitting all.  Allow the time for the integration of these new energies, as they imbue your world, your bodies and your field in ways that are yet to be discovered.  For as creativity, innovation and community expand and expand we are getting giddy with excitement for the glory of what is to come.

Please know who you really are.  Continue the practice of looking in the reflection of you and saying, “I am a gift”; for you truly are.  Embody that(I am a gift) as your gift to the world at level one.  The world is growing and is ready to level up with creativity, love and innovation.

The time is NOW.

Many blessings.

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