Arrange Your Beautiful Bouquet

Forevermore.  Forevermore. Forevermore.

The idea of forever is not an idea that can be comprehended easily; yet is the connection we have.  You have it with the ones you love and with us.  We wish to strengthen that connection, that experience (of forevermore) with you. As the words continue to flow easier and easier, we can send new messages to you daily and feel free to arrange them as a beautiful bouquet to give to others.

For the brilliance of others continues to be the message; as it is an important part of the expansion of you and others.  In this time of fear and masks, know that the other bears a brilliance and magnificence and allow yourself to sense, know and experience this magnificence.

For the true gifts of this time are coming forth more and more and the beauty of you and others is flowering so magnificently now; and like in nature, some buds take longer to bloom and their brilliance is no less beautiful and equally contributes to the landscape.

Find your bouquet of flowers today.  It takes many to make a beautiful bouquet.  And even now the “weeds” are blooming and contributing beauty to the collective.  As the magnificence of each and every also contributes to the whole.

For we love to send, express and deliver these messages.  The gift of each and every is the message and the feeling of the message is:  Within one’s self, knowing you are a gift.  You are a gift. You are a gift.  Notice it is not, “You have a gift.”  For we ask you to look and see yourself daily with a new look, a new feeling and a new reflection of the gift that you are.

See your reflection and announce, “I am a gift.”  See YOU.  Put your hands on your heart and say again, “I am a gift.”

Enjoy this practice.  We deeply love you.


janet’s note:  Please view the live reading of this Wisdom Writing to get an extra dose of inspiration and love!

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