The Bounty of Spring is in You

Whisper, whisper, whisper.  Listen to the whisper–soft and sweet, like a tiny child being tickled with the magic of whispering in your ear.  For be as the child–tickled by the whispering.

For the venturing outside brings forth a conduit to hear those whisperings; perhaps you will hear it through the birdsong, perhaps through the beauty of a blooming flower or through the warmth of the sun’s rays.  Know for certain the whispering is happening and is oh so blessed, oh so elegant, oh so bountiful; as is your world, your love, your blessed gifts that are here now to be expressed.

For the coming together is now.  For the opening of your gifts, of his gifts, of her gifts is around you.  See it; feel it.  Perhaps it’s the music, perhaps it’s a smile, perhaps it’s a creative project, perhaps it’s the vibration like a strong tree that says, “You can do this.  We can do this.”

For the glory of all of you is now in bloom; and much like Spring, there is no knob to slow it down or turn it off.  Allow the blooming of Spring and allow the blooming of you.  Notice the beauty in another’s smile.  Notice the beauty of another’s heart.  Notice the beauty of your heart.  Really capture the glory of the heart opening right now.  For we see the enormity of the growth happening and this is exquisite.  We  wish to say, “Keep your attention on the exquisiteness of your heart, or perhaps even on the smile that makes you thrill.”

As the subtlety of Spring opens up to become much more than a subtle shift, so is it happening in you.  Maybe you are unable to detect the buds, blooms, blossoms growing in you and around you, but be certain, dear ones, the Spring is here and soon the beauty, the brilliance, the color, the remarkable change into a new season will be here.  So be ready for the new season.  Learn to cultivate, navigate and grow in this new season.

For the time of nurturing is now.  You feel it.  You are doing it and we encourage more!  The more you nurture, the more blooming for you and your world.  You are the most clear in these moments of nurturing and seek these, appreciate these, and be in awe of the enormity of so many nurturing themselves in the world.  For the bounty will be worth all that is happening.

We honor and acknowledge the courage of all of you to know this is your time.  This is for YOU now.

Move forward with the deepest of grateful hearts and the happiest of smiling faces.


janet’s note:

Here is a link to the fb live reading of this Wisdom Writing:   Thank you!!!

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2 Responses to The Bounty of Spring is in You

  1. Cynthia says:

    So beautiful, Janet. Thank you for the whispered reminder that in the midsts of all the world’s events at this moment, Spring is blooming. Fragrant new life. Your writing reminded me to take a deep delicious breath and look for the beauty rising softly all around us.


  2. jaraedesire says:

    Oh Cynthia……….I’m so happy to hear that you can hear the “whispering”.


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