Open Your Beautiful Treasure Box

Be pleased right now.  Be pleased all day.  Be pleased with the events of your life today.  For the opening is getting created through the “pleased” nature of so many of you.

For we see the higher view.  Remember the feeling of being high in the clouds in the planes and looking down to see the expanse, the beauty, the brilliance.  That is what we are seeing– your expanse, your beauty, your brilliance flowing so clearly in you and all around you.

For the quality of your relationships seems to be at play right now.  Examine the daily habits of all of you. See the brief moments of fun, of joy, of love, of creativity and dabble in them more and more.  We relish that you a have a gift of time to expand the most beautiful of attributes within you and we say……..Go, go, go within to these beautiful attributes.  You have been seeking the treasure your whole life and here it is, buried within you.  Now open your beautiful treasure box. Allow those close to you to see the beautiful treasure that you are.  It is safe and it is now.  Open the box.  For each of you has such a unique blend of the most beautiful attributes.

Notice your fascination with rainbows lately and those colors pale in comparison to the beautiful, emanating, glow of colors coming from within you.  The exuberance, the beauty, the brilliance is all there.  Always there.  The time is NOW.

Open your treasure box.  Let it shine.  Set it free and see the dance of beauty with those you love.  For the beauty is within all, and see the dance that is emerging within you and all around you.

For the color of your world, of your life, of your being is going to a new phase of brilliance and beauty.

Be pleased; as we are.


janet’s note:  Wow this was such a visually beautiful writing.  I felt and saw a blend of colors and almost like dancing music, swirling around people.   The reference to the planes and looking down is always something that astounds me when I fly and yet I was captured by the paradox of  “not flying” right now……..kind of like all of us are being “grounded” .  Not punished/grounded but connected/grounded.  I felt a deep appreciation for the fact that I have flown and had that beautiful visual of being in the clouds.  

Sometimes I wish I was a painter or artist and could create the beauty that visually flows through during these writings……..maybe one of you feels it and/or sees it and can capture it……if so, please send me a picture of  your creation.  You can post it here or on my fb page:     I love you all and thank you for being here with me NOW. 


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