The Smell of Home-Baked Cookies

In the light of day, look at the trees. Look at the landscape. Look at flowers. Look at nature that surrounds you and breathe it in.  Take it in and know that the life of Spring is in you, around you…in all and around all.  For the glory of life, of spring, of beauty fills the world, and now is the time to connect, see and feel that growth, that expansion.

We are here to let you know that all is well and the timing of each event in your life and in the world is impeccable for the greatest growth to who you truly are as an individual and a collective.

Allow the growth of both components to be felt, seen and heard.  Seek the evidence for this expansion and connection at this time.  For the glory of your connection is going to fill your hearts and souls with a joy and satisfaction that will have no words, no expression.  It will be a deep feeling, a deep knowing and no need to express it at this time.  Allow, allow, allow that deep feeling of knowing and soul satisfaction to grow in you.  Feel it, know it.  Just like the smell of home-baked cookies, it elicits a feeling in your body.  Allow this feeling and knowing of who you really are to grow and relish that feeling.  Again much  like the smell of home-baked cookies becomes a personal delight, so it is with the knowing of who you really are and who all of you are.

We thank you for the glorious connection that is growing in the world and being a voice  for a connection that is now opening, opening, opening new connections in the world for a forever expansion of love, contribution and creativity.

May all beings know themselves in new, wonderful ways.  We thank you for the contribution of your voice, your heart…all of you are joyously connected in a way that will be realized more and more daily.

We thank you.  We love you.

Note from Janet

I did a fb live and read this Wisdom Writing at the suggestion of one of my clients.  The benefit is I can read it with the energy and rhythm that I heard it……..Please enjoy if you are on fb.

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