Let your Magnificence Shine

Fill your cup to the brim.  Fill your cup to the brim with love, joy, creativity, fun whatever it may be that calls to you and allows you to experience your best self or highest self and yet our preference is your TRUE self.

For the message today is to illumine and grow that part of you that is there, always there and is who you truly are.  We bring you so many varieties of a”TRUE” self and that is what makes life and your life delicious.  For as you are eating the same foods over and over it is not only boring but ultimately non-nourishing to the body.   And if all were of the same TRUE self, then the nourishing of life would not expand and grow. Witness right now the beauty and accelerated rate of the TRUE essence of each and every growing, expressing and contributing.  For it matters not if you collect garbage, cook bread, make masks, write or bring a unique joy and love to the lives of those around you.  For you, you, you have your own unique blend of magnificence, truth, brilliance.  You always have.  You did come in that way and you will leave this way with your magnificence “blueprint/thumbprint” fully YOU; ALWAYS YOU.

We see you.  We know you.  We love you and we support you in being and expressing that magnificence.  Do you notice how life can become struggle when you are NOT expressing and intending your magnificence; your TRUE self.  It is our version of the Hot/Cold game.  Much like an Easter egg hunt, we are always indicating when you are getting hotter and colder.  Tap in to that “sensing” system you have that is deep within  and guides you to the Easter Eggs.  For the game of life is to explore and discover the unlimited “eggs” of beauty and magnificence in your basket.  Oh dear one, Oh yes, it is in you and YES is always in you.

Take one small step today.  Make the basket.  Look for the eggs.  Once again put yourself in front of a mirror saying, “I am a gift.  My gifts are numerous and eager to express and contribute.”  Say this at least 5 times a day, making deep, loving eye-contact with your soul; with your hands over your heart.

Emerge today.  Grow today.  Expand today.  YES, YOU CAN.   It is in you and you and you and you.  For soon all of you will feel this deep connection and knowing and then witness the TRUE world that is emerging.

We love you deeply and always.

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